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Mae Hensley Junior High

Blaker-Kinser Junior High

Cesar Chavez Junior High

After School Program (ASP) in Jr. High

How does the After School Program work at the Junior High Schools?

The ASP program offers classes after school in Algebra, Pre-Algebra, 7th grade language arts and 8th grade language arts.  The classes last for 1 ½ hours after school.  The first half-hour is time students spend working on their homework and to get assistance from the teacher.  The final hour is class instruction. 

The ASP classes are designed for two purposes: the first purpose is for credit recovery.  A student may earn 2.5 credits each quarter for regularly attending an after school class and earning a passing grade. The credits are used towards graduation.  The second purpose of the ASP classes is to give students who are in need of extra assistance in the current Pre-algebra, algebra, or language arts class.   

Homework Club

Blaker-Kinser Junior High School only: homework club is available from Tuesday through Friday (2:30–3:30).  Students are given a quiet place to work with the support of a classroom teacher. 

Summer School

Summer School runs at Mae Hensley, Blaker-Kinser and Cesar Chavez Junior High Schools. It is a 4 week program that provides a student the opportunity to earn 5 credits towards promotion to the next grade level.