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 Career Technical Education (CTE)


CTE Advisory Board

Meeting Notice/Minutes
 January 24 2020

Mission of Ceres Unified Career Technical Education

Career Technical Education and Academic Education are to be viewed as complementary educational programs.  Career Technical Education courses will provide students abundant opportunities to obtain or reinforce basic academic skills.  Teachers will emphasize the practical applications of academics to the working world.  Career Technical Education pathways will continually include research into various employment options, vocational counseling, establishment of career goals, and the development of job skills, good work attitudes and job hunting strategies.  The District's CTE program will be updated regularly to reflect current vocational practices, changes in technology and labor market conditions.  Equal access will be provided to all handicapped and disadvantaged individuals in recruitment, enrollment, and placement activities within the CTE program.

Development of Pathways in Response to Labor Market Demand

Ceres Unified School District is committed to developing partnerships with post-secondary education providers and local employers to successfully respond to the current demand for skilled labor in today’s workforce.  As a result, four distinct career pathways are planned over the next two years for development and implementation with a goal of 120 students participating each year within each pathway upon full implementation.  Employers in Stanislaus County are in high demand for trained, skilled employees that are ready to enter the workforce and have the potential to learn additional skills and advance to other positions within the industry.

Timeline of CUSD Pathway Programs    

Pathway Title



Manufacturing and Product Development

July 2007


Agriculture and Natural Resources

December 2008



June 2010


Public Service (Criminal Justice) 2005-Present 2005-Present


Manufacturing Pathway Program 
Ceres High School

As part of Ceres Unified School District’s commitment to providing quality Career Technical Education programs for students, CUSD has chosen to create the first ‘fast-track’ pathway program in Manufacturing and Product Development that creates a formal link between education in high school, continued training at Modesto Junior College, and employment with industry partners, thereby meeting the needs of all stakeholders in the program.  This new Program was developed as a result of the formulation of a partnership with Modesto Junior College (MJC), the Manufacturers Council of the Central Valley, and several of the county’s largest manufacturing companies.  With a projected increase of 21% in manufacturing related jobs in Stanislaus County in the next 10 years, local manufacturing companies are struggling to fill the need. This program seeks to fill this need, providing career paths for students and trained-skilled labor for local employers.    

Interested high school students, contact the Career Technical Education Teachers at your school for information on courses and how to enroll.