Elementary Music

Music Team 22-23

Erin Balaam
Program Administrator, Educational Services

The performing arts curriculum enables students to acquire knowledge, develop skills, and expand their creative potential. The CUSD music program offers students in TK through sixth grade the building blocks of music education; rhythm, melody, harmony, form, expression, and musical heritage.  Music instruction uses the hands-on implementation of listening, singing, playing, moving, reading, writing, exploring, creating, developing, and performing. Instruction is provided by the Elementary music teachers for 50 minutes, approximately twice a week.  Please contact the school site for more information regarding music schedules.

  • Choir/General Music consists of a singing/choral experience for all students in the TK - 4th grade. These students participate in choir/general music on a rotation by classroom teacher, approximately three months of the school year.  When students are not in a choir rotation, they participate in Physical Education.
  • Band consists of band instrument instruction to students in 5th and 6th grade.  Students sign up to participate in the school band at the beginning of the school year and need to acquire a band instrument.
  • Beginning Band is offered to 5th grade students for first year band instrument instruction.
  • Advanced Band is offered to 6th grade students in their second year of instrumental study.

Students in grades 5 and 6, who elect to take music, must participate in Extended Day PE or Independent Study PE in order to meet the Educational Code requirement of 200 PE minutes every 10 school days. The Educational Code of California (EC Section 51210[g]) requires that, “Students in grades one through six…must be provided with physical education instruction with an emphasis upon the physical activities for the pupils that may be conducive to health and vigor of body and mind, for a total period of time of not less than 200 minutes each ten schooldays, exclusive of recesses and the lunch period.” Details regarding these programs are found on the band application.

An Independent Study Waiver is available for Music students who participate in organized physical activities outside of school. 


District Music Events

  • Band Day at the CVHS vs Buhach Colony Football Game on September 23, 2022  
  • Singsational - District Choral Concert on Tuesday, November 22, 2022 6:30 PM at the CVHS Gym  

Bandtastic - District Band Concert on Tuesday, March 28, 2023 at 6:30 in the CVHS Gym  

Elementary Music Teachers and Schools

  • Mr. Devon James: Hidahl, Sinclear
  • Mr. Aaron Sorensen: Walter White, Westport
  • Mr. Damon Hunn: Caswell, Lucas
  • Mrs. Connie Sorensen: Adkison, Don Pedro
  • Mr. Jeffrey Beckton: La Rosa, Sam Vaughn       
  • Mrs. Monica Twomey: Beaver, Carroll Fowler 
  • Mrs. Ashley (Briar) Dias:  Virginia Parks
Elementary Music Resources and Information


Instrument Theft Form

If your child's instrument is stolen you will need to fill out the below form and give it to your child's music teacher. The music teacher can provide you with the instrument type and serial number. This form does require the police report number.