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Jose Beltran
209 556-1540

Admin Secretary II
209 556-1500 ext 1243

 Marrisa Alamo,
Administrative Assistant 
209 556-1500 ext 1242

Tamra Damas,
Administrative Assistant 
209 556-1500 ext 1243

Roxanna Barragan,
Secretary II

Intra-Inter District Transfers/
K-6 Enrollment/Work Permits
209 556-1500 ext 1241

Maira Madrigal-Marron,
Secretary II
Student Records/K-6 Enrollments
Community Referrals 
209 556-1500 ext 1240

Child Welfare & Attendance
Main Telephone Number

209 556-1540

Student Training Resources

Anti-Bullying Pre-Kinder
Anti-Bullying 1st - 3rd Grade
Anti-Bullying 4th - 6th Grade
Anti-Bullying 7th - 12th Grade
Digital Citizenship Website (K-12) 

Jose Beltran, Director

The office of the Director for Child Welfare and Attendance provides services for the District, parents and students through a number of ways. While our most important role for the District is to manage the attendance systems for the schools, we are responsible for many areas where we interact with parents and students. Some of these areas include:

* Inter & Intra District Attendance
* K-6 Enrollment
* Discipline Procedures
* Truancy / SARB / Expulsion Procedures
* 504 Plans
* Civil Rights
* Prevention
* Homeless/Foster Youth
* Alternative Education Committee

Our office includes the Director, administrative secretary and office clerks. We also have an Administrative Assistant who works with the schools, students and parents directly to encourage attendance.
Ceres Unified School District welcomes constructive comments that help to improve the quality of our educational program and assist our staff to perform their tasks more efficiently. 

Some complaints fall within the jurisdiction of the school district and others fall within the jurisdiction of the California Department of Education.

For general information on complaints, please click here to view the California Department of Education Uniform Complaint Procedures.

Complaints About School Personnel

Governing Boards are legally required to safeguard employees from individuals who may upbraid, insult or abuse them (illegal acts). In addition, personnel matters, especially anything evaluative in nature, must be done in a closed board meeting.

The procedure for filing a complaint is as follows:

  • A complaint concerning a school employee should first be made directly to the person the complaint concerns.
  • If unresolved, then the complaint should be directed to the Principal in writing, for review and analysis.
  • If unresolved, the complaint shall be referred to the Superintendent.
  • The Superintendent's decision shall be final, unless one of the parties involved requests a closed session before

the Board of Trustees on the complaint. When a complaint is made directly to the Board as a whole or to an individual Board member, it shall be referred to the administration for study and possible solution

Complaints About Instructional Programs

If you wish to lodge a complaint about an instructional program, please present your criticism in writing to the Superintendent.

Written complaints about programs should be very specific in nature, addressing:

  • The program involved
  • Specific complaints
  • Identification of complainant by name, address, any pertinent affiliation, and a statement of the basis for criticizing the particular item

If the complaint involves any Consolidated Categorical Programs (Title I, Title II, etc.), the complainant may contact and discuss the issue with the School's Administrator. If the issue is still unresolved, the complainant may use the Uniform Complaint Procedure. 

Equal Access

Williams v. State of California is a landmark 2004 Superior Court case to provide all students equal access to instructional materials, safe schools, and quality teachers.

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Additional District Policies

To review other District Policies, please click on these links:


Sexual Harassment


Complaint Forms

Uniform Complaint Form (all complaints except Williams Uniform)

Williams Uniform Complaint Form

Resources and Information

Intra-District Agreement (within Ceres)
Inter-District Agreement (outside Ceres)

Child Abuse

Your Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct Code
CUSD School Attendance Boundary Maps 2020-2021:
High School
Junior High School
Elementary School

CUSD Blood Borne Pathogen Plan
School Attendance Review Board (SARB)
Education Code - Laws Regarding School Attendance - English
Leyes Miscelaneas Acerca De La Asistencia Escolar -Spanish
Poliza de Aucensia Injustificada - Spanish
Section 504
California Healthy Kids Survey
Community Resources Brochure - English
Community Resources Brochure - Spanish

Student Welfare Resources
Resources for Tobacco Cessation, Drug and Alcohol Abuse
CUSD Harassment and Bullying Complaint Process/Grievance Procedure
Harassment and Bullying Notice
Dreamer Resource Guide
AG School Guidance on Undocumented Students
Site Admin Guidance Immigration

Enrollment Process and Forms 
School Enrollment Process - Step by Step Instructions
AB 2826 Inter District Requirements
Transfer Options

Support Programs
Homeless Student Information (Ceres Unified) - English
Homeless Student Information (Ceres Unified) - Spanish