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Julie Lynn Martin-Borba

Grants Secretary IV
Rocio Oseguera

209-556-1500, Ext 1251

Grants Secretary I
Elizabeth Bates

209-556-1500, Ext 1268

CUSD Grants

Supporting Education...

Ceres Unified School District is dedicated to locating funding sources which will support learning opportunities for students in the district. The Grants Staff continuously seeks opportunities to fund learning opportunities for the students of Ceres Unified School District.

Scholarships and Donors: 

Students seeking scholarship opportunities, please contact your high school Learning Director for a list of scholarships available. 

Donors: if you are interested in starting a scholarship trust, please contact the Ceres Unified School District Foundation,  Julie Martin-Borba at 209-556-1555 for more information. 


CUSD Grants will bring additional and relevant funding opportunities to the Ceres Unified School District that would benefit not only the regular school day, but also before and after school services for students.

Grant Funding Outcomes:

Grants are awarded on a formula and competitive basis. Formula grants are awarded based the demographics of the district and schools. Competitive grants are awarded on the quality of the application submitted and is scored based on a comparison to other applications submitted. The CUSD Grants staff has successfully pursued a wide variety of competitive grants in areas that include: Career Technology Education, after school programs, charter school funding, Healthy Start, technology in the classrooms, teacher training and mentoring, and much more.

CUSD Competitive Grants Summary
Grants Awarded
Grants Renewed
$ 240,000
$ 2,040,178
$ 100,000
$ 3,224,642
$ 526,183
$ 1,411,046
$ 1,503,151
$ 2,510,224
$ 919,893
$ 2,712,492
$ 619,404
$ 2,455,414
$ 891,640
$ 5,882,218
$ 1,501,841
2007-2008 $ 1,884,088   $  2,184,822
$ 6,585,465
$ 2,708,945
$ 521,995
$ 3,229,723
 2011-2012 $ 1,076,869   $ 2,688,323
 2012-2013 $1,344,576 $ 2,033,176
2013-2014 $882,511   $2,025,975
$ 2,772,517
 2015-2016 $953,285   $2,667,587
 2016-2017 $823,091    $3,350,201 
 2017-2018 $772,782  $3,307987
2018-2019  $4,061,774  $3,537,971
 2019-2020 $566,263  $4,515,065
$ 40,911,270

Total as of June 2020    $81,995,674


Grants Personnel:

The CUSD Grants are facilitated by Julie Lynn Martin-Borba, a certified grant writer. Julie has worked for the Educational Options Office since the Fall of 1999, researching, writing, and evaluating grants since the Spring of 2001.

Grant Request Procedure:

Weekly, Julie Lynn Martin-Borba prioritizes grant writing projects based upon requests which have been submitted by staff/teachers. The procedure for the grant writing process involves three steps:

  • Staff/teachers must submit a completed, signed Grants Request Form at least five weeks, if possible, prior to the submission deadline. (Please note: Late submissions may impact the ability of the Grants Staff to facilitate submitted grant requests.)
  • Attaching all pertinent information (all original information must be included.)
  • Being available to respond to questions regarding content and/or assist with composition of one or more areas of the grant.

Download and print a copy of the Grants Request Form

CUSD Foundation Teacher Mini Grants:

The CUSD Foundation offers a Teacher Mini Grant Program to all teachers in the Ceres community. Teachers interested in applying for this grant do not need to follow the Grant Request Procedure described above. Simply apply through the CUSD Foundation Teacher Mini Grant Application process. More information about this Mini Grant may be obtained by visiting the CUSD Foundation website.