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Project YES
4231 Central Ave
Ceres, CA 95307

Dustin Pack
Program Manager

Kelli Partlow
209-556-1558, Ext 1256

Ashley Cundiff
209-556-1558, Ext 1134

Jennifer Valdez
Youth Advisor
209-556-1558, Ext 1257

TJ Walker
Youth Advisor
209-556-1558, Ext 1259

Lorena Rivas
Youth Advisor
209-556-1558, Ext 1258

Tutoring Center
209-556-1558, Ext 1255


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Nancy Bolanos Rosales (a Project YES client during 2011-2012) presents Program Manager, Dustin Pack a Thank You cake as a gift of appreciation. Nancy gained work experience when Project YES placed her at Cost Less Foods Bakery in Ceres. Project YES assisted Nancy in gaining knowledge and skills in preparing employment applications, interviewing, and job retention.  Nancy was hired at Cost Less Foods in March 2012.

Project YES (youth employment services) is a federally funded program under the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) designed to help economically disadvantaged youth overcome barriers to achieving academic and personal success, as well as to find employment.

The Ceres Unified School District, in partnership with the Alliance Worknet (formerly Department of Education and Training), offers educational support and employability training for local youth residing in Stanislaus County. Project YES services are coordinated and managed locally through CUSD's Educational Options Department

Eligibility to Participate

17 year old senior high school students and out-of-school youth up to 21 years of age, who live in Stanislaus County are eligible to participate in Project YES. Applicants must meet mandatory eligibility criteria to enroll in the program.

Applicants face a variety of barriers to success, that include but are not limited to:

  • Basic skill deficiencies
  • Lacking work maturity skills
  • Being a young parent
  • Having a disability
  • Being a youth offender
  • Gang affiliation
  • Being a foster youth
  • Low income
  • Lacking high school diploma/GED

Services and Training for Program Participants

  • Educational Support
    • GED Test Preparation
    • California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) review and preparation
    • Academic tutoring
    • Referral for high school credit remediation
  • Supportive Services
  • Paid Work Experience
  • Career Guidance
  • Mentoring and Counseling
  • Leadership Opportunities
  • Employability Skills Training

Youth Advising - Case Management

Clients enrolled with Project YES are assigned to a Youth Advisor who provides case management. A Youth Advisor's goal is to create an open relationship with the client where he/she feels comfortable to discuss real issues that are (or have been) an obstacle to obtaining success and accomplishing personal goals. Upon identification of a client's needs, the Youth Advisor works with the client to create a plan on how those needs/issues will be addressed.

Mentoring Opportunities

Project YES is seeking individuals who are willing to give their time as a Mentor, to assist young men and women in improving their quality of life and who are striving to make it in today's society. Click here for copy of flyer in PDF format.

For more information, contact Project YES:

Telephone: (209) 556-1558

Office Location: 4231 Central Ave, Ceres, CA 95307