Letters from Students

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Lisa Banister 

LISA BANISTER, Teacher, Sam Vaughn Elementary

Dear Mrs. Banister,
Your class was probably the best class I've been to because of all the things that happened in there. Like when we did that volcanic expirment it was really fun. Me and my friends still talk about your class because we had so much funny things that happened to us. We also liked it when you put all of us in the same group. You are a great teacher and I hope you have a great year with your new students

– Rema S.


 Mrs. Wolfe and Mr. Bates are my employee's that made a positive difference at school this year because she and he both help me on my homework when I need help on my homework. They just get all the stress off my mind and make me feel positive about myself and things in my life. 

 – Hailey T.

KATHLEEN BORGES, Teacher, Chavez Junior High

Dear Mrs. Borges,
You are respectful in any situation, as well as warmhearted and mindful of others. You know how to get work done but also have a little bit of fun in your classroom

– Genevieve M.

MICHELLE BORGES, Teacher, Sam Vaughn Elementary

Mrs.Borges, you were a great teacher you would always make students feel welcome and comfortable. You had the best attitude that was why I like going to school you were by far the best teacher I have had.

– Gabriele O.

ELIZABETH BRIAR, Teacher, Blaker-Kinser Junior High

Dear Ms. Briar,
You have made a positive difference at school because you spend time on every student and make sure they understand each note or song

– Francisco G.

BRENDA BROWN, Teacher, Westport Elementary

Dear Mrs. Brown,
You made a BIG positive impact at Westport. You went from being an outgoing teacher to a staff member that can interact with students, then just teaching them. You made students feel that its okay to be themselves, and you also taught them to be respect when needed. You were never to harsh on students, meaning you never yelled at them, even if you had the power too. You respect students privacy and that grew them to trust you. You were like a mother, especially to your class/es. … I was so thankful to have you

– Brianna E.


Hello Ms. Alvarado, I really enjoyed being in your class. You have helped better my Spanish, you are really funny and kind, you care about me finishing my work and turning it in, you don't let me fail. So I really appreciate you, thank you!

 – Joselin R.

Myrna Calderon

MYRNA CALDERON, Teacher, Hensley Junior High

Dear, Mrs. Calderon,
Its been so long since i have seen you and I miss you so much sometime i will come visit you and wanted to say thank you for being a great teacher in sixth grade and helped me so much in math. Thank to you for those math notes and encouraging notes you gave me i haven't had a B in my grade book for a long time and had switched up to so many As. Another thing to thank you for would be for helping your student and being funny, nice, kind, and bringing a positive Mrs. Calderon to school . Thank you for always believing  in me and motivating me when something hard or when i needed help because that helped me succeed so far in life and school. So that is my big thank you to Mrs. Calderon!

 – Aaliyah J.

VERONICA CARRERA, Teacher, Don Pedro Elementary

Ms. Carrera,
I want to thank you becuase you have made my life better and you would be my bestfriend and you would always let me help. Also I want to thank you for be the person that you are and for you always having my back. Thank you for being the best Miss you!!!

 – Isaiah M.     

 Dear Ms. Carrera,
Thank you for everything you helped me with and was their for me my 6th grade year. My fav teacher, you're and amazing teacher and always belived in me and knew i could exelle at what I was doing. forever greatfull for what you have done for me.

 – Yaretzi G.

Kimberly Carrico

KIMERLY CARRICO, Teacher, Hidahl Elementary (retired)

Mrs. Carrico was very kind and was an amazing teacher. She had an amazing way of teaching and she is my favorite teacher in all of Hidahl. She effected the school by giving students the opportunity to express themselves during school.

 – Evelyn M.

 Ms. Carrico was my favorite teacher because she has a great personality, shes always been there for students, she always matched the students energy, I loved when she always spoiled us for movies, or for other activities. She always taught stuff really well she always made everything fun in her class, all of my siblings had her, they both loved her. She will forever go down as my favorite teacher.

 – Xavier B.

Sarah Cerro

SARAH CERRO, Teacher, Westport Elementary

Dear Ms. Cerro,
I want to express my appreciation for your excellent work. Thank you so much for helping me. You will always be my best teacher. The passion you have for your job and what you teach is contagious. I will always look forward to having you as a teacher in the future.

– Diana G. 

Mrs. Cerro was a really good and fun teacher when she went to Westport she always cared for us and made us laugh and would read a series and recommend a book or show. Around, the time we had to leave because of covid-19 she was reading a good book to us but I had forgot the books name. But, she would always care for us and if we needed something school related like a notebook, binder, paper, etc. she would try buying them for us if we couldn't get it. Over the time she has been at Westport and I was in her class it was very fun I really hope that when covid-19 is over I can meet her again.

 – Mariajose (MJ) C. 

JOEL CLARK, Teacher, Blaker-Kinser Junior High

Mr. Clark, you have made me excited to learn and it has been a lot of fun learning digital art in this class. I really enjoy the class because you are so motivated and ready to teach us. I feel good in your class even though I have been to it only a few times.

 – Mason W.

ELIZABETH COLBY, Teacher, Blaker-Kinser Junior High

Dear Ms. Colby,
You are always positive and trying to get people to communicate. Im glad i have u as my first period teacher because u set my mood for the rest of the day. :D

 – Osvaldo C. 

SHARON CRAIN, Teacher, Virginia Parks Elementary

Dear Mrs. Crain,
When I was asked who impacted my life here in Virginia Parks, I instantly thought of you. I mean how could I not? You have always demonstrated how much education is important in life. From kinder to this point in fifth grade, you have laid a solid foundation for me. You have been an inspiration to me. Your kind heart has taught me to become a better person. The sort of person you are. You always show, not only me but others, how to shine through. Yes, even my big personality! Thank you for pushing me to never give up. Even when it's hard. Just like in kindergarten, when I didn't like coloring. But it was because of your examples, I felt confident enough in second grade to participate in the yearbook contest. And won! That's the sort of teacher you are. You find what's special in us, water it and watch it grow. And you've inspired us to be as caring as you. To share a smile because it brightens up people's day. Thank you for being there YOU AMAZING TEACHER!! From that first summer day in kinder camp you have impacted my life. And I'm so glad you not only helped start my educational career, but you've grew along with me.

– James R.

Gloria Cruz

GLORIA CRUZ, SSS, Don Pedro Elementary

Thank you mrs. Gloria for being their for me wenever I was at my lowest. Sixth grade was a rough year for me and you were always their whenever I needed to talk to someone. You were the only one who understood me and related to my problems. I'm extreamly gratefull I met you in my life. You deserve a raise lol. I love you and thanks for helping me ad trusting me with your stuff too. You were my best friend and you were always their for me even when I stopped attending DP.

– Yaretzi G.

KATHRYN DANIELS, Teacher, Patricia Kay Beaver Leadership Magnet

Dear Ms. Daniels,
You always encouraged your students to be the best people they could.

 – Lizeth P.

JONATHAN DAVIS, Teacher, Chavez Junior High

 Hi Mr. Davis,
Thank you for being the most understanding teacher I've ever had. You're always doing everything in your power to make this rough school year easier for your students, and I really appreciate that. You are a wonderful teacher. You make ELA bearable. I'm honored to be in your class this year. Again, thank you for everything you do.

 – Desiree D.  

 Dear Mr. Davis,
You've done a very good job making people comfortable in you're classroom. I like that you make everyone feel accepted in your classroom. I can tell you try and understand you're student as much as you can. Keep doing what you're doing.

 – Edie E.    

Mr. Davis is an outstanding teacher. He's made such an impact on me and other students. He's very understanding, just send him an email and explain what happened. He's not very strict but makes sure we get our work done. He's one of my favorite teachers, and the way he teaches really helps me learn.

 – Kaylie C.

STEVE DYER, Teacher, Chavez Junior High

Dear Mr. Dyer,
Thank you for being a fire teacher. You're always flexible about your due dates and a very chill teacher in general. I appreciate you and am lucky to have a teacher like you. I know I don't say it much but you are my favorite teacher. Not many teachers are funny and chill with their kids.

– Tanveer K. 

Dear Mr. Dyer,
I am tremendously grateful for all of the extra efforts you've been making to assure that school is enjoyable throughout these rough times. Everyday you are coming up with new ideas to make school fun for the students. Your joy and thoughtfulness has not only made a positive impact on his students but the entire school. Thank you for all that you do for the school.

– Emily M. 

CARRIE EMERICK, Teacher, Blaker-Kinser Junior High

Dear Mrs. Emerick,
Thank you for making last year one of the funnest years of school so far. I can say I thoroughly enjoyed your class it was interesting and its how I met someone special to me. Although the year was cut short due to the pandemic it was still every bit enjoyable as any other year. Also I would like to thank you for your excellent help when I was visiting family in mexico last year. All in all I would like to thank you for the many memories I have of your class. I hope your future students can have an even more enjoyable experience than I did.

 – Otoniel (Tony) G.

Nicole Gastelum

NICOLE GASTELUM, Teacher, Walter White Elementary

Dear Ms. Gastelum,
You were my favorite teacher and were always smiling and making sure that me and everyone else in your class was always happy. You always smelt like coffee and coffee is literally amazing so you always smelt so comforting. You were always there to listen to problems and you helped me and a student when we were in 1st grade to become friends and we are still best friends 7 years later even while she lives in Oregon now.

 – Aalieyah R.

Dear Ms. Gastelum,
Thank you for making me smile! You are special to me. When I'm down, you make me happy! I appreciate you so much!

Love – Elly P.


Megan Goblirsch

MEGAN GOBLIRSCH, Teacher, Sinclear Elementary

Dear Mrs. Goblirsch,
Thank you for being nice and helping me out when I have trouble in math and reading. And thank you for helping me with a lot of stuff. And thank you for being nice to everyone in the class and helping everyone. My favorite memory with you is when we made turkeys for Thanksgiving during art time. You always help us learn time and plus
. You helped me when I struggle and were helping my family during the difficult times you brought my family pizza you always told me never give up you tought me how to write and read you encouraged me to learn how to spell you were very nice to everyone in the class.

 – Jonathan G.

Angelica Gomes

ANGELICA GOMES, Teacher, Walter White Elementary

Dear Mrs. Gomes,
I just want to let you know that you are a fantastic teacher and that I learn so much from you. I couldn't of wished for another teacher. Everyday  I am excited to learn because your lessons are so fun!

– Guadalupe Z.

Melinda Goodwin

MELINDA (BERRY) GOODWIN, Teacher, Don Pedro Elementary

Dear Mrs. Berry,
You made a positive difference at school because you were always so ecstatic and enthusiastic, you believed in everyone of your students and you always pushed her students to try their best. When I was going to Don Pedro you were the one person who I could talk to about anything. You tried your best to create a good connection with your students and you did, you always had fun activities planned for us such as a movie nights, going to a homeless shelter to help feed the homeless, and (my personal favorite) going on runs. You always made learning fun and made it into some sort of fun activity. You did many other great things as a teacher, you are my favorite teacher and many others favorite teacher as well. <3.

 – Destiny C.

Brian Hart

BRIAN HART, Teacher, La Rosa Elementary

Dear Mr. Hart,
You were always such a funny teacher and to this day you still are one of my favorite teachers. Learning new things was always fun in your class. I'm grateful to have been in your class even if I was too young to remember most of it. Thank you for being such a great teacher.

 – Alexandra R.

EMILY HART, Teacher, Sinclear Elementary

Dear Mrs. Hart,
I would like to thank you for all the wonderful things you did for me in 2nd grade. You were an amazing teacher to me and i will cherish that forever as long as i live. You always had patince with your students and you are super nice! One of the more memerable things was when we had a mcdonalds party.

 – Natalie A.

James Hatten II

JAMES HATTEN II, Campus Supervisor, Blaker-Kinser Junior High

Mr. James, you made a positive difference at school by making sure all students are behaving and following the school rules. You are also a very nice person and a cool person to talk to. You understand us students and get along with us which is why you are my favorite staff member.

 – Juritzy C.  

HEATHER HOUTCHENS, Teacher, Patricia Kay Beaver Leadership Magnet

Dear Ms. Houtchens,
You always made me love school because you would make it a fun environment.

 – Lizeth P. 

Joshua Houtchens

JOSHUA HOUTCHENS, Teacher, Blaker-Kinser Junior High

Dear Mr. Houtchens,
You have made me look forward to going to school. You never fail to make me laugh, and never fail to motivate me to finish my assignments.

 – Jasmin L.

Dear Mr. Houtchens,
You always have good humor and make my day better.

 – Lizeth P.

Mr. Houtchens, you have pushed me farther than I thought I could've gone. You always pushed me to try again and never give up. I remember times in 7th grade when you would let me re-do assignments. ... You encourage me to go to college when I told you I don't want to. Thank you for pushing me to be the best me I can be.

 – Mackenzie C.

Isaac Hussain

ISAAC HUSSAIN, Teacher, Carroll Fowler Elementary

Mr. Hussian just wanted to say u made 6th grade the best year in many ways i had many memories and school was just so fun it would never get boring and honestly i found u as my best teacher ever by far u still are till this day and i'm never gonna forget all the fun times we had as a class in 6th grade and the influence u gave me was to never give up keep trying and always be kind to people no matter what.

 – Abraham Z.

Edward Ismail

EDWARD ISMAIL, Teacher, Blaker-Kinser Junior High

Mr. Ismail made me really enjoy the subject history. He was a very explanatory teacher, which really helped me pass his classroom. He was also a balanced teacher by that I mean he would be serious when it would come to learn but he would also be a very energetic person that made everyone's day by giving us joy.

 – Julissa M.

Michale Jackson

MICHALE JACKSON, Teacher, Walter White Elementary

I love you Ms. Jackson you are great at math you have a great heart and great hair.

I love you – Noora M.

ROBERT JIMENEZ, Teacher, Chavez Junior High

Mr. Jimenez, you run two clubs and are a great math teacher that makes it easier to learn and you accept failure and mistakes and let students pick them selves back up.  You run the gaming and anime club and make the school a more peaceful environment.

 – Arshveer P.

ROBIN JOHNSON, Teacher, Blaker-Kinser Junior High

 Dear Mrs. Johnson,
You make a positive difference at school by releasing such a positive energy.

 – Luisa S.   

Dear Mrs. Johnson,
I just wanted to say thanks for being nice and helpful since I've moved here. You've been modivating me since I've been struggling a bit.

 – Evelyn G.   

Mrs. Johnson, I am very great full for your kindness and patience toward your students. I also like the fact that you care very much about our physical and mental health. You are always their for us to talk to in person or email and for that I thank you.

 – Rashell V.

You are just a really good teacher and actually show compassion for BK students's emotional well being as well as mentally … and you make class interesting and worth-while.

 – Gabriella R.

Mrs. Johnson, you have made a difference at the school because you are always trying to get kids to not do drugs and you show what they do to you and that is really important because around 165 million Americans from the age 12 and up are exposed to drugs. SO I think that you are doing a good job and I feel like you should be recognized.

 – Julian G.

Dear Mrs. Johnson,
You have helped me a lot through this year, you just help because I was going through a lot with my family. And sometimes I just didn't want to do school or just didn't want to do anything and was really sad, and you just made me feel happy and worth something. You helped me to see the good outcome in things, and not to think negative. You may just be a teacher in some people eyes but you really mean a lot to me weather you know it or not. I wrote this specifically towards you for a reason, I wanted you to know how much you have impacted my life in a good way, Thank you so much!! :)

– Alexis H.

Dear Mrs. Johnson,
hank you for always putting a smile on my face, even if its under a mask I can see the passion and love you have for your students. Thank you for being a wonderful teacher and choosing to be happy even on the low days. You do a lot for your students and I am very appreciative.

 Love – Dianna M.

Dear Mrs. Johnson,
I would like to say that you have made me have a positive difference at home. I remember that one time during online school you put a video of a man (I think he was a therapist/counselor) and he was discussing about the topic on not being someones puppet. So because you showed this video it helped me recognize a bad habit that I developed with my brothers because they like to bug me a lot and I don't have a mild temper. I became more aware of the way that I act and I don't let them get the satisfaction of getting me mad (because I ignore them). So I would like to say thank you for helping me calm my temper. I really appreciate the work you do for BK and I'm sure you have helped many people.

 Sincerely – Marisol L.

Brian Jones

BRIAN JONES, Teacher, Chavez Junior High

 Mr. Jones, you have always made a positive difference on all of your students.  Your classroom is a place where students are encouraged to interact with each other and speak their opinion on topics.  Your stories and jokes are always something that make your students laugh and feel more comfortable in your classroom.  Your positive attitude has made a big impact on not only the school but your students.

 – Addyson G.    

Dear Mr. Jones,
Thank you for making the learning fun and entertaining. Also, thank you for giving us the donut party.

 – Alex R. 

Kathryn Kerling
KATHRYN KERLING, Teacher, Lucas Elementary Dual Language Academy

Hi Mrs. Kerling,
I just want to say how much of an impact you've made in my life. I am so happy that I was able to be one of your previous students. You were always so kind and made school very fun. So thank you.

 – Edrina A.

Kristy Lawrence

KRISTY LAWRENCE, Teacher, Sinclear Elementary

Mrs. Lawrence you made a positive impact on me because you inspired me to keep moving on and never give up on school and my dreams, you are also one of my favorite teachers I've ever had. Oh and I am sorry for that college cup that was very important to you that fell and broke.

 – Xavier F.  

Claudette Lee

CLAUDETTE LEE, Library/Media Clerk, Sinclear Elementary

I am writing this letter to Ms. Lee the librarian. I am writing this letter because she is the most nicest librarian i have ever met. Thank you for bringing books to us letting us read them. I appreciate you because you are nice and funny all the time, and you bring us book that are very fun to read.

 – Diego S. 

DANIEL LEITNER, Teacher, Blaker-Kinser Junior High

Mr. Leitner, you have helped me and made a difference because you help us learn a lot about history and without history there will still be slavery and only a small part of the U.S.

 – Josue R. 

MATTHEW LIU, Teacher, Blaker-Kinser Junior High

Dear Mr. Liu,
You have made a positive difference at school by helping students reach there goals and helping them get good grades. You really try to help students as much as you can to get there mind focused on school and homework. You really care about students grades and helping them seceded in life.

 – Rachel S.

MARLENE LIZARRAGA, Student Support Specialist, Walter White Elementary

Dear Ms. Marlene,
Thank you for being a kind and sweet teacher! I hope you have a great day!

– Melissa R.

ALYSSA LONG, Teacher, Westport Elementary

Hi Ms Long,
It's me Alicia, I was in your first year at westport, I'm at blaker now. I wouldn't have the courage to tell you in real life, but I felt like you've changed me personally, I would say in 4th grade I wasn't really doing good. ... It was a lot of pressure. But when I came to you class, you were just so bubbly. I liked it that you were loud and brave, and with you just being you I ended up changing mentally. I felt a good type of challenge, like I knew I could learn this, or get to this goal while in your class. I don't think I can say enough to thank you. 

 – Celina S.

Ms. Long has always cared about students health and always put their health in front of school work. If a student was stressed out she would let them take a breath outside and to cool down. She would always make teaching fun. Like she would make a song so when we do review we she would do the dance and song for the subject.

 – Mariajose C.

PATRICIA GRIFFIN MARLES, Teacher, Sam Vaughn Elementary

You were the nicest teacher I’ve ever had, your classroom was so nice.

 – Khushi K.

JULIE MARTIN, Teacher, La Rosa Elementary

Ms. Martin, you were a cool fun teacher and made learning interesting. I appreciated you and the way you teach your students in the classroom :).

 – Alexa G.

RAQUEL MENDEZ, Teacher, Blaker-Kinser Junior High

Mrs. Mendez, I just want you to know that you have impacted my life in such a way that I will remember it for the rest of my life. Not only were you an amazing teacher but the clubs that you ran where the highlight of my year. I looked forward to Science Olympiad every Friday and had so much fun at competition. I made so many new friends and learned so many new things, I can confidently say that I am a better person because of you. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I really hope that I can be in Science Olympiad in ninth grade and I hope you have an amazing year!

 – Luna J.     

Dear Mrs. Mendez,
I first want to say that you class was always my favorite and the experiments were always fun. Even though we didn’t get to finish the whole year.

 – Marianna C.

NANCY MENDOZA, Teacher, Sinclear Elementary

Dear Mrs. Mendoza,
You are special because I learn things more quickly with you.  You teach us to read and write, to spell, and more.  You believe in me.  You sometimes use jokes that I think are very funny like the Elsa joke.  You make learning fun by making everything a little bit more easier and happy.  I love you Mrs. Mendoza.

 Love – Noah N.

Esther Merwin

ESTHER MERWIN, Library/Media Clerk, La Rosa Elementary

Ms Merwin,
You have made such a positive impact in the time that you have been at La Rosa. You thrive and strive to always provide the best service to the students and to always have a smile on your face while doing so, you never fail to complete many tasks in one day and to always provide help to students that need it. You always take the most care to sanitize everything that you have touched and to sanitize all of the books in the library it truly amazes me how much you can do in such a short period of time of only four years at La Rosa. So from the bottom of my heart, I truly thank you Ms Merwin for taking care of me, my friends, and all of the students at La Rosa.

 – Nathan K.

Marie Newell

MARIE NEWELL, Teacher, Blaker-Kinser Junior High

Mrs. Newell, you have made a very positive impact on school, because you are kind, understanding, and easy to communicate with. For example, whenever a student has a question you always answer quickly and politely. Also, whenever we do good work you give compliments and help us do the best we can. I believe you are a very great teacher and you make learning super fun and easy. Lastly, I am glad to have a teacher like you.

– Samantha M.

Dear Mrs. Newell,
You made a positive difference at school by making students happy and letting them have fun while doing it safely. You also tried to make students comfortable with things and make sure your students are okay.  This makes students more positive in school and makes them happy. This is why you set a whole positive difference by making students happy.

 – Adrian A.

MAYRA TISCARENO PIMENTEL, Teacher, Blaker-Kinser Junior High

Mrs. TP, you made me really believe in myself when it came to ELA. I've always enjoyed ELA especially with your teaching you were always very energetic. You always tried your best to make sure everyone was learning something. A positive difference you made in school that was personal for me was that you would always be there to help and was very helpful when I would struggle in any assignments I had which is why I appreciate you.

 – Julissa M.

VIVIAN PIRO, Teacher, Chavez Junior High

Mrs Piro is the type of teacher to help you if you are struggling and will never make you stress about anything. The only thing you need to do is not get on her bad side and she will treat you like a teacher kinda. If your grade is ever down in her class just ask her for any extra credit or just like anything like that because if she sees that you really try your best in her class she will try her best to up your grade.

 – Jamal S.

KELSEY PLAA, Teacher, Blaker-Kinser Junior High

 Dear Mrs. Plaa,
You have made a positive difference at school by always staying positive, pushing us to do our best, having school spirit always, also by making kids wanna dance to when you start playing music, and by being there for someone if they ever need anything.

 – Melanie C.     

Mrs. Plaa, you are an awesome dance teacher, you have taught me so much. You told me to never give up and were always positive and kind around me and the other students.

 – Lucero M.  

GINA RAFATTI, Teacher, La Rosa Elementary (retired)

Ms. Rafatti,
Thank you for caring for me and educating me for 2years! I really appreciated you and still do, you are definitely part of who I am now. Thank you.

– Nataly L. 

Nicole Rebelo

NICOLE REBELO, Teacher, Chavez Junior High

Dear Mrs. Rebelo,
Thank you for making a positive difference at school and through virtual learning for me. I am also grateful for your teaching strategies and helping me learn science easier and have an overall better learning experience. Science has always been one of my toughest subjects but this past school year I got excited to join one of your classes. The assignments we get as homework are not only efficient at teaching science but they are also fun and easy to understand. Due to you I have grown a love for science and am excited for future classes. Thank you Mrs. Rebelo!

 – Sunjana K.

Heidi Ruger

HEIDI RUGER, Teacher, Adkison Elementary

Thank you for being the best teacher ever, and thank you for teaching through these rough times. Happy teacher appreciation week!!

 – Megan S.

ROSA RUIZ, Teacher, Walter White Elementary

For staff appreciation I chose Mrs. Ruiz because she's a sweet and kind teacher because she helps kids that are in need. Also because I know her ever since summer school and now I will know her as long as I could.

– Melinda R.

SEN SAELEE, Teacher, Blaker-Kinser Junior High

Mr. Saelee, you helped me by doing exercise.

 – Alejandro A.

Blanca Sanchez

BLANCA SANCHEZ, Student Support Specialist, Chavez Junior High

Miss Blanquita, sense the beginning of 7th grade you have always been one of the nicest and coolest staff members here. You were very welcoming and always asked how my day was going. You help people feel better and put a smile on lots of peoples faces. You are an overall amazing person and great to be around.

 – Alan A.

CRYSTAL SATHER, Teacher, Sinclear ELementary

Dear Ms Sather,
I appreciate you because you teach my class to learn. You also are kind because you help my classmates if they need help on something they can't do, I appreciate you because you are kind.

– Linda H.

Nicole Schultz 

NICOLE SCHULTZ, Teacher, Sinclear Elementary

Dear Ms. Schultz,
You help me keep keep my confidence. You never let me quit. I like when you teach me math because you always make it fun. I'm going to miss you when I go to 3rd grade because you always supported me. Thank you.

 – Jayson C.

Richard Sheldon

RICHARD SHELDON, Teacher, Blaker-Kinser Junior High

Mr. Sheldon, you showed the class that math could actually be fun, you made it fun to go to school and learn. You had the vibe we were looking for in a teacher to max. You’re a great teacher and I really considered you as a friend, though I still respected you of course.

– Ruth R.

Dear Mr. Sheldon,
You've made a positive difference at school by making learning less boring than it is. When I had you last year for 7th grade honors math it was very fun, all the jokes and laughs that happened in sixth period will be memories that I will never forget. I think I might've considered your class being my favorite last year but I'm not sure but I may or may not consider it my favorite now. And let's make sure not to forget sixth period was your favorite period too. Although you say I'm the "bad" twin as a joke we both know I was/am the better twin. Anyways thank you for making sixth period fun last year and not making math as boring as it would've been.

 – Katelyn L.

Mr. Sheldon, you made my 7th grade an amazing time when i had trouble with work or i needed advice you always helped me when i asked and always made me laugh when i was down, i give my thanks to you and i wish you the best. Thank you Mr. Sheldon for the help you gave me and laughs. I was always very shy but you showed me that its okay to be.

 – Jennifer O.

Mr. Sheldon, you made a difference in school because you teach us in the most understandable way. Also you make Math class fun you give us activities that are fun  and are math related. Lastly you are one of the funnest teachers out there you joke around but you teach very good. Thank you Mr. Sheldon for one of the best school years.

– Israel G. 

AMY SOUZA, Teacher, Sinclear Elementary

Dear Ms. Souza,
I appreciate the hard work you do for me and for the class. I also appreciate the work you give me to pick up my grades.

 – Damian

JAKE SUNDY, Teacher, La Rosa Elementary

Dear Mr. Sundy,
Thank you for all you've done as a teacher and for pushing your students and I to become nothing but the best.

 – Azelena L.

JUSTINE TAYLOR, Teacher, Blaker-Kinser Junior High

Dear Ms. Taylor,
You have made a positive difference because you made science fun over my 8th grade year. You have been nice throughout this year that it has been hard. You helped me when I need help on science.

 – Isaac C.

MARIA TELLEZ-LOZA, Student Supervisor, Sinclear Elementary

Dear Mrs. Maria,
Thank you for everything you've done for me! You have done so much for me for example I can always count on you to talk to or for advice, whenever this is an issue I am always sure that I can come talk to you because you always support me to do my best and do what is right. Another reason why I thank you so much is during ASES you bring me and the other students snacks of our choice to eat. Thank you for being a support system!

 – Audrey S.

DESIRAE SUTTON UHTE, Teacher, Sinclear Elementary

I am writing this letter to Mrs. Uhte because she's a nice and good teacher. I liked getting happy chappys when I was good. I liked being in Mrs. Uhte's class because she was nice to everybody. Thank you for all the hugs and saying xoxo.

 – Theresa Z.

GIULIA WAGNER, Teacher, Sinclear Elementary

Dear Mrs. Wagner,
I am writing this letter to you because Mrs. Wagner you are a AWSOME teacher. You have teached me sooooo many thing. I'm am soo greatful to have you as my teacher. you have teached one of my besties from my neighbor hood before. You have gotten me here because of you awsome teaching.

 – Gur-Asees S.  

You were a really cool teacher and made my whole 3rd grade experience so much better. Thank you for the amazing time I had in your class!!

 – Katey P.  

CHRISTY WERNER, Teacher, Sinclear Elementary

Mrs. Werner, you made a positive difference at school for me because you helped me in many different ways. I am very thankful of what you taught me, all of those strategies you taught me are going to help me right now and in the future. Thank you for helping me since my first year in my elementary school till the end and I really appreciate it.

 – Liliana P.

TERIANN WICHMAN, Teacher, Westport Elementary

Dear Mrs. Wichman,
You pushed me to do my best and helped me accomplish most of my goals as a third grader.

 – Luisa S.


LAURA YOUNG, Teacher, Walter White Elementary

Mrs. Young,
You always come to school positive and help in many ways.  You're always generous and kind, when a student is upset or uncomfortable you always make them feel better and safe. Others and I were very nervous with sixth grade but having you as a teacher made it feel the opposite. Same with middle school coming up, you told us that it'll be okay  even in a few words you ALWAYS show the brighter side, even when us students are having a bad day you as a person and my teacher is amazing and I wouldn't change anything.

– Selina S.