Ceres Days Gone By

Historical SocietyCeres Baseball Team 1894 RosterCeres Baseball Team 1894Ceres Grammar School 1890Ceres Grammar School class pictureCeres Grammar School class picture 3.Ceres Grammar School class picture RosterCeres Grammar School Class picture 2Ceres Grammar School May day festCeres Grammar School side viewCeres Grammar School South ViewCeres Grammar School White Brick built 1909.Ceres Grammar SchoolCeres High Art ClassCeres High FloatCeres High School opened 1887Ceres High Whitmore and CentralCeres Union High School built 1915Ceres Youth Attending Modesto SchoolCHS Baseball Team 1918CHS Basketball Team 1918CHS Basketball TeamCHS First Graduating Class 1912CHS Graduating Class 1913CHS Graduating Class 1914Early Grammar School c 1900Early Grammar SchoolFirst School House about 1886Grammar and High School 1916Maud Williams c 1900.Maud Williams Class RosterMiss Edith Carroll Class Picture 2.jpgMiss Edith Carroll Class RosterOlder School children class pictureSchool Children 1Grammar & High School 1916Ceres Union High School Built 1915School BusesSchool children 1892 Class RosterSchool children 1892school children class pictureSchool ChildrenSchoolmarm Ceres Grammar School c 1910Whitmore Grammar School built 1931