Stanislaus County Math Partnership


The Stanislaus County Math Partnership is committed to providing high quality professional development to teachers which will improve the mathematics achievement of students. The Local Education Agencies and Institute of Higher Education have joined together to:

  • Ensure that all students have access to, are prepared for, and are encouraged to participate and succeed in challenging and advanced mathematics.
  • Support mathematics aligned with the California academic content standards
  • Focus on the education of mathematics teachers as a career-long process that continuously stimulates teachers’ intellectual growth and upgrades teachers’ knowledge and skills
  • Bring mathematics teachers together with IHE faculty as well as mathematicians to mutually increase subject matter knowledge and improve instructional strategies
  • Make evidence-based contributions to the learning and teaching knowledge base to inform the understanding of how student effectively learn mathematics
  • Improve mathematics teaching by encouraging IHEs to assume greater responsibility for improving mathematics teacher education through a comprehensive system of teacher preparation that guides and advises mathematics teachers

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