Elementary PE


Hello Families,

The Ceres Unified School District’s elementary physical education program provides standards based physical fitness instruction to kindergarten through sixth grade students. The program is designed to empower students to sustain lifelong physical activity as a basis for a healthy, productive life. The staff teaches in an active, caring, supportive, and nonthreatening environment that allows all children to be challenged and successful.

Instruction is provided by the elementary PE teachers 50 minutes once a week for first through third grade students. Fourth through sixth grade students receive 90 minutes of instruction per week from the elementary PE teachers. The core classroom teachers also provide additional instructional time each week to ensure the required physical education minutes are met. For elementary students who participate in band and music programs during school hours, they are able to meet the PE required number of minutes through the Extended Day PE Program.

Please contact the school site for more information regarding PE schedules and Extended Day PE. 

Printable Forms for PE Staff

Physical Education Resources and Information

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