Instructional Coaches


Ceres has a remarkable group of teachers who serve in the role of instructional coaches. Their role is to offer feedback, tips, and/or strategies as teachers implement and refine research-based instructional techniques. assist teachers in learning new instructional strategies to help them become more effective and efficient in their teaching. They support classroom teachers by modeling techniques, watching and giving feedback, and giving helpful teaching tips as teachers acquire new instructional practices.

Instructional coaches provide support and service to classroom teachers in a variety of ways designed to improve student achievement. Ceres coaches are enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and eager to assist. Coaches can be reached by email (click on name), or at the number and extension below their names.

Instructional Coaching Mission Statement

Nikkole Swanson
(209) 556-1500 x1121

Alissa Martin

(209) 556-1500 x1122

Sarah Nelson
(209) 556-1500 x1123

Maria Cuevas
(209) 556-1500 x1125

Jolleen de Clercq

(209) 556-1500 x1129


Melanie Roche

(209) 556-1500 x1119 

Toni Johnson

(209) 556-1500 x1124

Olga Hage
(209) 556-1500 x1120

Wendy Beltran
(209) 556-1500 x1128
  Madeline Guerini
(209) 556-1500 x1126
   Carrie Coldicutt
(209) 556-1500 x1117
  Megan Arteaga
(209) 556-1500 x1116 
   Tiffany Pimentel
(209) 556-1500 x1118
  Amy Layton
(209) 556-1500 x1115
  Morgan Rossiter
(209) 556-1500 x1114
  Eric Corso
(209) 556-1500 xTBD